Download Arturia Jun-6V NKS VST Browser Pack For Free!


Since this is the first time we have ever created an NKS VST Pack for any instrument, we thought that we would create this one for free and let everyone have access to it. So, come to this page and Download Arturia Jun-6V NKS VST Browser Pack For Free!

What is NKS?

Native Kontrol Standard (NKS) is an extended plug-in format that enables a unified creative experience across hundreds of virtual instruments — and now effects — from Native Instruments and other leading developers. It offers tag-based browsing, instant sound previews, and seamless integration with Komplete Kontrol and Maschine. More than 400 instruments from over 50 leading manufacturers already support NKS.

So what are you waiting for ? Download Arturia Jun-6V NKS VST Browser Pack For Free!


Compatibility / Requirements – Komplete Kontrol 2.0+ / Maschine 2.6+ – Supports Maschine MK2/MK3/Studio – Supports All Komplete Kontrol Keyboards – Supports VST 64bit – PC / Mac Compatible – 1GB of HDD space needed for library files! 

Database Files: Contains the browser images and database details for the Komplete browser. Place the “image” and “dist_database” folders in the following location (or copy the sub folders inside these folders if they exist): 

\Users\Public\Public Documents\NI Resources

MAC: /Users/Shared/NI Resources

All User library database and image files will be held in these folders with a unique folder for each vendor/plug-in.

NOTE: Be sure to copy the sub folders into the above locations. You want to add the folders with the existing folders. Mac users should be cautious NOT to “Replace” the entire image or database folder with the included ones. You must copy these folders INTO the image and database folders.

What is the Jun-6V?

Jun-6 V combines beautiful poly synth thickness with an ultra-easy interface to satisfy your analog needs from the very first note. Its simple controls, accessible creative features, and modern enhancements make it an essential keyboard that you’ll just keep coming back to.

Jun-6 V’s sound

Chords that’ll shake the foundations, textures that’ll illuminate the sky, and unison bass that’ll leave your audience speechless. When you want instant mix-filling analog fatness, Jun-6 V is the answer. Your ticket to no-nonsense ‘80s synth glory.

Polyphony to the masses

Jun-6 V’s hardware predecessor was released at a time when a polyphonic synth was a luxury. Many consider the Juno series to have struck a rare and perfect balance when it comes to synthesizer design. Their ease of use, vivid analog sound, and relative affordability helped put the coveted multi-voiced within reach of a bigger audience.

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