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Rnb Audio Libraries at is a comprehensive collection of high-quality audio samples and loops designed to cater to the needs of producers, composers, and musicians in the R&B genre. These libraries boasts a vast array of samples and loops that capture the essence of contemporary R&B music, while also offering a nod to its classic roots.

One of the standout features of Rnb Audio Libraries is its vast collection of meticulously crafted samples and loops that cover a wide range of instruments and sounds. From soulful guitar riffs and smooth basslines to groovy drum patterns and atmospheric pads, this library has it all. Whether you are looking to create a mellow ballad or an upbeat dancefloor hit, you can find everything you need within the Rnb Audio Libraries collection.

The libraries are organized into multiple folders that allow for easy navigation and quick access to the desired sound. Each folder contains a variety of samples and loops, including bass loops, guitar loops, drum loops, vocal loops, and much more. The loops are available in various tempos, ensuring that you can find the right groove for your project.

Rnb Audio Libraries is also designed to be incredibly versatile, allowing for seamless integration into a variety of music production software. The samples and loops are available in multiple formats, including WAV, AIFF, and REX2, making it easy to use them in any DAW or sampler of your choice. Additionally, the library is compatible with both Mac and PC systems, ensuring that everyone can access its wealth of resources.

The quality of the samples and loops in Rnb Audio Libraries is truly exceptional. Each sound has been carefully recorded and processed to ensure maximum clarity and fidelity. The attention to detail in the production process is evident in every sample, making it easy to achieve professional-quality results in your music productions.

Another great feature of Rnb Audio Libraries is its affordability. Despite its vast collection of high-quality samples and loops, this library is priced to be accessible to a wide range of users. This makes it an excellent choice for both professional producers and hobbyists who are looking to enhance their music productions without breaking the bank.

In conclusion, Rnb Audio Libraries at is an excellent choice for anyone looking to add some soulful, groovy, and contemporary sounds to their music productions. With its vast collection of high-quality samples and loops, exceptional sound quality, and affordable price point, this library is a must-have for any R&B producer or composer.

sigmundSexy RnB

Hip Hop

Sexy RnB

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'Sexy RnB' from Bunker 8 is all about the modern RnB sound. Smooth electric pianos, sub 808 basses, laid back guitars, solid grooves. This collection is guaranteed to provide that elusive feel and capability to your cues, instrumental tracks, etc. Your browser does not support the audio element. This collection was put together with Jupiter [...]

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Bunker 8 brings you the sequel you have all asked for, Pop Perfect 2. Inspired by artists like Katie Perry, Taylor Swift, Lady Gaga, Rihanna, Shawn Mendes, this is a pop collection like no other on the market. Truly masterful mixes and groups for quick edits, transposing of content and integration into your next big [...]

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Bunker 8 Presents 'Hitzone: 4 Slo Jams'. After countless awards, number one smash recordings and the accolades of thousands of users, Bunker 8 is making the latest Hitzone release of slow jams available EXCLUSIVELY as a digital download. This is THE product that has launched the careers of countless numbers of top tier producers. For [...]

sigmundA1 Yola 2

Hip Hop

A1 Yola 2

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'A1 Yola 2' from Bunker 8 is the sequel of 'A1 Yola' that ripped the doors off the gangsta genre. This second volume beats the first in every possible way. Drop these samples into your track and you'll be spittin' fantastical rhymes from the inspiration they will generate.  Your browser does not support the [...]

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'BoomBassTic' is the ultimate bass guitar loop collection for Hip Hop and Funk producers. Features 848 phat bass loops designed to to blow the roof off the party before your hook even kicks in. Available in ACID/WAV and Apple Loops formats.  Your browser does not support the audio element. Your browser does not support [...]