Komplete Kontrol S88 Mk2 Unboxing, Review and Comparison


Komplete Kontrol S88 Mk2 Unboxing, Review and Comparison. This video is all about that first touch point for this amazing update from Native Instruments.

Really worth a watch if you are, like us, originally had the S88 Mk1 and want to know what is new in the S88 MK2. If you want to read our overview article, head over to Komplete Kontrol S88 MK 2. That covers the specs of the new unit. For a review of the older model, head over to Komplete Kontrol S88: Komplete Review. If you can find a second hand S88, it is still a fabulous controller, but the greater DAW integration, mixer controls, dual color screens, etc. make this a significant improvement over the original.