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Tar: Art and Artifice Coming Apart

Tár Movie Review Bunker 8

Tar: Art and Artifice Coming Apart. This film is an exceptional masterpiece. Engrossing from start to finish. Cate Blanchett is superb. Tár” is a film that delves deeply into the themes of identity politics and psychological tension, and it can be viewed through a Freudian lens as well. The movie is a masterful exploration of […]

XLN Audio’s XO: Control Of Your Beat-making!


XLN Audio’s XO: Control Of Your Beatmaking! XLN Audio’s XO Plugin is a game-changer in drum replacement and humanization tools. With its advanced features and intuitive design, this plugin organizes all your drum and percussion samples, gives you the ability to program your beats, and exports your results to your favorite DAW. Beatmaking One of […]

Dave Smith: A Tribute to the Father of MIDI

Dave Smith A Tribute to the Father of MIDI

Dave Smith: A Tribute to the Father of MIDI. To me, there has been no more important technology that transformed my life than MIDI. Dave Smith was a genius level inventor who changed my creative world and millions of others with his invention of MIDI. My First “Real Keyboard” Dave Smith’s company, Sequential Circuits, built […]

A Googly-Eyed Player Piano

A Googly-Eyed Transparent Player Piano

The incredibly inventive engineer Mark Rober built Chopstix, a A Googly-Eyed Player Piano self-playing, transparent piano with googly eyes and a digital screen that is able to speak English through a MIDI controller. Fellow YouTuber Buddy Sanderson of 3Blue1Brown explained how Chopstix is able to speak. The signals from speech can be visualized with a waveform, …If you zoom in on a little window […]

Here’s Why I am Officially Quitting Apple Laptops

Here's Why I am Officially Quitting Apple Laptops

It it not often that a fanboy of this stature, Unbox Therapy, with his hugely influential user base, but Here’s Why I am Officially Quitting Apple Laptops is Unbox Therapy admitting that there are options out there and he is glad admits that it is time to quit Apple, but it refreshing for him to […]

Komplete Kontrol S88 MK 2


Komplete Kontrol S88 MK 2. This is what makes Native Instruments the outstanding company that they are. The world’s best controller has just gotten better. These kind of products. We already have the Komplete Kontrol S88 in the studio and it has completely transformed the way that we work. When you decide to put all […]

KEYSCAPE – Greg Phillinganes


This is not only an excellent video on the power of Keyscape by Spectrasonics, it is also a great introduction into where the innovation really takes place in the world of sound design. Omnisphere is just an insanely powerful sound source and this just makes it even more worthwhile. This is definitely KEYSCAPE – Greg Phillinganes: Electric Piano […]