Sanjay C. A YouTube Icon

Sanjay C: YouTube Vlog Icon

Sanjay C. A YouTube Vlog Icon of the highest order. Once you pop onto his YouTube channel, you won’t stop!

We at Bunker 8 love supporting the YouTube Community and only wish we had the time to devote to our own channel. We have been subscribed  to Sanjay C’s channel for over a year now and we come back time and time again for many important reasons.

Sanjay’s delivery

So often when you login to a channel, is a jump cut jumble of fake promotions and little insight. The camera work wobbles like crazy and there are smash cuts everywhere. The first thing you will notice about Sanjay is that he is none of those things. He takes his time. His pacing is even, measured and at times, reflective. There is always excellent insight and examples from his experience. He also has the unique gift of never talking down to you. If he has a sponsorship, he announces it promptly and clearly. He also doesn’t do what other sponsored YouTube channels do, spend 75-90% of the time on the sponsorship and less than 10% of the time on the actual content. He is a word, a class act, all the way.

Shows real world examples

Sanjay always peppers his commentary with real world examples of how to use a tool or perform a technique. He is a chef, but an open and welcoming instructor. He feels like a old friend, who is simply there to share his experiences and provide actual useable examples of how a particular tool can be used.

Here is an example of his transparency:

“After taking a ten-year break from writing and producing pop and R&B using Logic, I wanted to start from scratch. I downloaded Ableton Live to get a fresh perspective and learn EDM and Hip Hop production techniques. I picked up a ROLI Seaboard Block and a few plugins from Native Instruments and I was amazed at how much production tools got better in just a short time. I started documenting this next chapter in my music journey on YouTube. Sharing what I learn on YouTube is a way to keep myself motivated. I don’t think I would have advanced my music production knowledge had it not been for my channel.”

We strongly encourage you to check out his channel and subscribe and support him in whatever way possible. YouTube needs more content creators like him!

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