Mackie Big Knob Studio+ Review

Mackie Big Knob Studio+ Review. Bunker 8 takes you through their experience, installation and our recommendations.

Mackie has been a mainstay in our studio from day one, with our experience directly with the Mackie 32-8. We needed a new control room monitor and audio interface in one unit. The Mackie Big Knob Studio definitely fit the bill. Some critical features are:

  • Professional source and monitor selection
    • Choose between 4 sources and 3 monitor pairs
      Mackie Big Knob Studio+ 4x3 Monitor Controller
      Mackie Big Knob Studio+ 4×3 Monitor Controller
    • Classic Big Knob volume control
    • Independent trim on all sources and monitor outs
    • Mono, mute and dim functions
  • Flexible 2×4 USB recording interface
    • Two boutique-quality Onyx mic preamps including phantom power for condenser microphones
    • High-resolution 192kHz / 24-bit recording and playback
    • Cue mix allows controlled blending of direct inputs with other signals for zero-latency recording
    • Choice of recording paths provide flexibility for applications like podcasting
  • Comprehensive feature set for professional studios
    • Flexible source connections including convenient front panel 1/8” input for your smartphone
    • Dual headphone outs with independent level control and both USB and Aux source options
    • Flexible talkback options including external mic input and footswitch control
    • Dedicated amp-driven studio output perfect for headphone distribution system
    • 16-segment high-resolution input source metering
  • Sturdy “Built-Like-A-Tank” design
  • Compatible with all major DAWs on both Mac and Windows
  • Includes ProTools | First and the exclusive Mackie Musician Collection featuring 23 fantastic plug-ins.

The Mackie Big Knob Studio+ 4×3 Monitor Controller box is amazingly powerful, full of headroom and most of all, the perfect solution to cut vocals and instruments directly into Cubase or ProTools without the need for additional hardware.

For a hands on video on the device, we recommend this video below:

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