How to Edit Image Content for Non-NKS Plugins


This is an excellent tutorial on How to Edit Image Content for Non-NKS Plugins. We have prepared this just for Komplete Kontrol users who want to roll their own NKS libraries and edit the image content.

The background music is from Symphonic Hip Hop 5. If you want to watch an excellent tutorial on this library, please go to Symphonic Hip Hop 5 Sample Arrangement Tutorial.

There has been some excellent work done in this area. Specifically:

I’ve put together all the templates I made so far into one pack, and also added some basic tags to help locate them in the browser (e.g. they have a template tag, you may want to remove that if you want to then save out presets using it and add more details of your own). I have also zipped them with their folders intact so you can just drop the whole thing into the Native Instruments user content folder.

Added templates for Ultra Analog 2, PolyAna and a preliminary (WIP) one for Linplug Spectral (but this one is huge, so many envelopes I don’t think it is useful as it stands but I need to think about how to cut it down, being able to reorder pages would also help). templates

So in total this has templates for 22 plugins now:

u-he ACE, Bazille, Hive and Zebra 2
Omnisphere 2
Korg Legacy MS20, Monopoly and Polysix
Blue II
FXPansion Cypher and Strobe 2
Dune and Dune 2
GForce Oddity 2 and impOscar 2 (these plugins may have different names on Windows so you may need to rename the folders)
AAS Ultra Analog 2
Beepstreet Sunrizer
Linplug Spectral (WIP)


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