Bunker 8: About Us

The most important relationship with technology is the people behind it. We strive to develop creative relationships with our clients because we believe it is those relationships which are most mutually beneficial.

We won’t take on just anyone to stock the coffers of our business, we take on clients to whom we feel we have an artistic common ground. Compatibility in an artistic medium like sound recording is extremely important to a successful project completion.

The People

We have had the priviledge of working with some of the most talented people in the business.
Our experiences with such a wide variety of clients has taught us that anything is possible and can usually occur during the duration of a session. Having good people who actually care about the work that is done and that quality is always forefront in their minds is paramount to the successful completition of all projects here at Bunker 8. We take the time to train our staff, they spend atleast 180m work hours learning about our process and developing their capabilities with our in house staff. They are trained to be the best at what they do. We are not concerned with how long it takes to bring the right people along, just bringing along the right people. Our staff reflect us and the work that we produce for others, sacrificing quality for quantity would simply be unacceptable to us.

Creative Relationships

We have developed some exciting collaborative relationships with the folowing artists:enrique

Enrique Iglesias: Song “Do You Know” (The Ping Pong Song), the instrumental backing tracks are based on sampled loops from our well-known production company Bunker 8 Digital Labs. These samples include all of the original tracks in
“Otiga Verde” from the sample library. The opening piano, guitar chord riffs, and even the lead sound synthesizer which is heard throughout the song were directly lifted from the individual sample loops.

Hillary Duff: Song “With Love” is a moderately fast song that has a 4/4 time signature and a tempo of 120 beats per minute, and it is in the key of C? minor.Billboard magazine described it as “a beat-happy track that delivers a propulsive, guitar-laden, bleep-heavy hook” This song was build using elements of Hybridizer and Hitzone libraries from Bunker 8 Digital Labs.

Mutual Communication

Something that cannot be overlooked or minimized is the fact that from a business and artistic perspective, there has to be a constant flow of communication. At Bunker 8, we understand the business2ndPicture

perspective, the ever changing landscape of persons and situations that arise out of effective client relationships. We put in place, the capabilities, the people and the circumstances that allow a project to achieve a successful conclusion.

Project managment tools and technologies aside, if there is not a constant, vigilent monitoring of the process through effective communication, then all efforts to bring about a project to its successful conclusion are lost.

Tools for Everyone
If you love your Mac, so do we. Protools, Logic, Garage Band, Bias Peak, if you live and breathe all things OSX, then we are here for you.

We keep a well stocked pantry of the latest in plugins, synthesizers, mics, guitars, basses and drums. All you have to bring is your creativity and we’ll handle the rest.

We also love our PC’s. We have over twenty PC’s available for use, with all of the latest plugins on offer. Our stock in trade is audio/sample and loop content, so it goes without saying that our resources from an audio content perspective are literally second to none. With over 6 TERABYTES of content, you had better bring a comfortable chair because you are going to want to stay a while. Best of all, all sample library content is available for use to all Bunker 8 recording clients for use in their projects, 100% royalty free.

Our distributors

Among our content distributors we have Producer Loops, Big Fish Audio, M-audio, Band Mate Loops, Sounds To Sample, Sony Mediasoftware and Click produce among others. We have Build a reputable background withn these companies and this is what they say about us:

Producerloops.com – “Bunker 8 Digital Labs is one of the most prolific and renowned suppliers of digital media and content in the industry today. They have produced content that has spawned countless number one hits by major international artists including Hillary Duff, Enrique Igelsias, Toorasi Milkani, etc.
We are delighted to bring you Bunker 8 Digital Labs Sample Packs for digital download, here at ProducerLoops.com.”

BandmateLoops.com – ” Bunker 8 Digital Labs has consistently produced digital media content that spawned countless number one hits by major international artists including Hillary Duff, Enrique Iglesias, Toorasi Milkani, etc. Being at the forefront of digital media production has afforded Bunker 8 Digital Labs to focus on total solutions provisioning. “