About us

We are a client driven audio/media production company

The most important relationship with technology is the people behind it. We strive to develop creative relationships with our clients because we believe it is those relationships which are most mutually beneficial.

We won’t take on just anyone to stock the coffers of our business, we take on clients to whom we feel we have an artistic common ground. Compatibility in an artistic medium like sound recording is extremely important to a successful project completion.


Operating for over 20 years


Audio Libraries Sold


Customer rating

“Highest quality production, fast turnaround. Amazing sound”

~ Max Martin: Production for Piece Of Me Britney Spears

Enrique Iglesias: Song “Do You Know” (The Ping Pong Song), the instrumental backing tracks are based on sampled loops from our well-known production company Bunker 8 Digital Labs. These samples include all of the original tracks in “Otiga Verde” from the sample library. The opening piano, guitar chord riffs, and even the lead sound synthesizer which is heard throughout the song were directly lifted from the individual sample loops.

– Brian Kidd —Sean Garrett

Hillary Duff: Song “With Love” is a moderately fast song that has a 4/4 time signature and a tempo of 120 beats per minute, and it is in the key of C? minor.Billboard magazine described it as “a beat-happy track that delivers a propulsive, guitar-laden, bleep-heavy hook” This song was build using elements of Hybridizer and Hitzone libraries from Bunker 8 Digital Labs.

– Nobles —Logic