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Maschine 2.2 Update Review


Maschine 2.2 Update Review: Scales, Chords, Touch Knobs, and More Maschine has announced a brand new update to their software that adds to Maschine. The update, which came out in Service Center today, improves the functionality of the software through changes to scales and chords, the arpeggiator, and key board integration. Read more below about the […]

How to Write a Dubstep Track


Learning how to write a dubstep track is just like learning anything else in music production. You need three things, patience, perseverence, and persistent editing skills. But of course, if all you needed were three things like that, then any old idiot could bash away and come up with something interesting. And then, there is […]

Blade Runner 2 Sequel Script Has Been Completed

Blade Runner 2 Sequel Script Has Been Completed. Chief Ridley Scott has uncovered that the script for his arranged Blade Runner spin-off is done, and that on-screen character Harrison Ford will be included in the expected undertaking. Razor sharp edge Runner, Scott’s famous 1982 science fiction film, featured Ford as Deckard, a man enlisted to […]

Is Skrillex the Most Hated Man in Dubstep?

Is Skrillex the most hated man in dubstep? As Skrillex, Sonny Moore has infiltrated the US charts and remixed Lady Gaga and Bruno Mars. Joe Muggs meets the man the underground loves to loathe Sonny Moore is one happy dude. Sitting on the roof of his UK record label’s office with a mid-afternoon Jack Daniel’s […]

Amazon Echo Review

It is amazing how far Amazon are pursuing their voice recognition technology. Here is a first hand Amazon Echo Review. The video is incredibly cheesy, but really hints at the potential of such a device with connectivity to the cloud. WHAT IS AMAZON ECHO? Amazon Echo is designed around your voice. It’s always on—just ask for information, […]

Rise of the Bedroom Producer 2011 Documentary

Rise of the Bedroom Producer 2011 Documentary is a terrific look at how technology has made dance music more accessible and transformational to the masses. I think a lot of kids don’t realize how much work goes into writing and producing a commercial track – it’s not just a matter of throwing together some loops […]