Komplete 10 Ultimate: Go Big or Go Home

Komplete 10 Ultimate, is something amazing altogether. Go big or go home.

It is easy to get jaded by all the incredibly amazing tools that are available to musicians now.  Komplete 10 Ultimate: Go big or go home.

Today there is more power in a iphone that I had in my entire 100,000+ plus digital studio when I first started. I remember buying a K2000, and spending close to $10,000 on everything added into it. It was a monster at the time, now it is a doorstop on the top of the vocal booth used as a weighted pad to keep the upper panels from flapping. I wish I was making this up!

Komplete 10 Ultimate: Go Big or Go Home
75 Instruments, Effects and Plugins? That is insane!

Komplete 10 Ultimate just has too many instruments, FX and content to list, it is a beast of a bundle. But all the content in the world does not mean anything if it is not fully integrated into your workflow. This is where Native Instruments really shines. When you pair this product with either Maschine or Komplete Kontrol, you have a powerhouse combination of content and experience that will drastically change the way that you work. We are seriously not making this up.

Komplete 10 Ultimate: Go Big or Go Home
So amazing, even cats are composing…

We have terabytes of sampled instruments and content. Finding it is a nightmare, using it in a consistent manner impossible. You learn to live with the limitations of non-integrated products, but once you have experienced the level of integration offered here, you will never go back.  Even your cat will enjoy the running lights on your keyboard, hours of amusement.

Komplete 10 Ultimate: Go Big or Go Home
Great attempt at integration, but often simply didn’t work.

Trust me, when you know you can load up an instrument and it is mapped, color coded, setup, keyswitches all revealed, you will wonder how that was ever possible to work with non-mapped, non-integrated capabilities. At Bunker 8, we have tried many different forms of VST instrument integration. We tried out automap keyboard and controller from Novation. Although it had controllers mapped, you needed separate instances of those plugins in your VST instrument library folder. It immediately created duplicates of everything. Also, the controllers themselves although pretty leading edge at the time, were not fully integrated.

We will be doing a much more exhaustive review at a later date. But trust us, beg, borrow, steal whatever you have to do and get this bundle with the Komplete Kontrol Keyboard. Once you have experienced what it can do, you will have a very tough time going back to regular non-integrated solutions.