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Tar: Art and Artifice Coming Apart

Tár Movie Review Bunker 8

Tar: Art and Artifice Coming Apart. This film is an exceptional masterpiece. Engrossing from start to finish. Cate Blanchett is superb. Tár” is a film that delves deeply into the themes of identity politics and psychological tension, and it can be viewed through a Freudian lens as well. The movie is a masterful exploration of […]

Mother! The hit you on the head creationist story

Mother! The hit you on the head creationist story. Well, sometimes you want to see something a bit different, and you appreciate it when an auteur of cinema decides that he is going to try something new. I didn’t have any hopes that mother would be right. We will start with the title itself; it […]

Trainspotting 2 All Shades of Awesome


The first Trainspotting film was THE film that broke Danny Boyle wide open into the mainstream. Trainspotting 2 looks to be all Shades of Awesome. It launched the careers of Ewan MacGregor, (yes, I know that he starred in Shallow Grave, but who outside of the islands saw that film anyways? The new trailer shows […]