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Komplete 10 Ultimate: Go Big or Go Home

Komplete 10 Ultimate, is something amazing altogether. Go big or go home.

It is easy to get jaded by all the incredibly amazing tools that are available to musicians now.  Komplete 10 Ultimate: Go big or go home. Today there is more power in a iphone that I had in my entire 100,000+ plus digital studio when I first started. I remember buying a K2000, and spending close […]

Komplete Kontrol S88: Komplete Review

Komplete Kontrol S88: Komplete Review

Time to do the Komplete Kontrol S88: Komplete Review. I was very excited to receive my S88 today – I was holding off on the S-series in the hopes that NI would put out an 88-key variant, and they did! All of the unique Komplete Kontrol features are amazing – although I thought the LightGuide […]