Korg Prologue 8 and 16 Review

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Korg Prologue 8 and 16 Review. The Prologue comes in eight- and 16-voice models. The range is based on the same VCO found in the Monologue/Minilogue range. This absolute audio video review gives a great rundown of both models in the Korg range.  We have reviewed other Korg products in the past like the Korg Electribe WaveKorg NanoKEY Studio and the Korg Gadget App but this is something different altogether.

These are stable (tuning-wise) and sound present/clear yet full and vibey, giving the two-pole filter lots to chew on. Something to consider: Korg has chosen a single filter option in the Prologue range, which is a two-pole/12dB type that has been voiced to give the Prologue a unique character (which it does)!

The hardware itself is well-built and tank-like. Unlike the Minilogue, the Prologues feature separate pitch and mod wheels above the keyboard (which keeps things compact) and the case is black brushed aluminium (tilted), with chunky wooden sides and the same OLED display with oscilloscope, rudder switches, knobs and red backlit buttons found on the rest of the ‘logue range. The overall feel is classy and solid, and Korg is keen to point out that the Prologue’s ‘natural touch’ keyboard is made in Japan. Both Prologue models feature the same keybed type found on the Korg Kronos 61 and it feels very high quality and plays well generally.