Korg Electribe Wave


This seems like a very interesting update to the Electribe line: the Korg Electribe Wave.

What is Korg Electribe Wave.

ELECTRIBE Wave has a sound wavetable featuring sounds widely used in the latest music creation. Unlike a PCM synth, the wavetable allows you to repeatedly play fragments of short waveforms, and change the waveform position during playback. By combining the wavetable (which features a rich soundset).

The familiar 16-step pad in the ELECTRIBE series enables speedy rhythm production. The ELECTRIBE Wave also features a new keyboard to play chords and scales. Even without musical knowledge, you can have fun making tracks without worrying about wrong notes. The sequencer features Groove, which can be used to breathe life into rhythm parts, as well as a special keyboard to enable smooth step input for synth parts on the graphical user interface.

The ELECTRIBE series introduced a powerful motion sequence function that remembers and reproduces the movements of the knobs. ELECTRIBE Wave now offers this function for the synthesizer/drum parts so you can create a flow of sound overflowing with originality. If you use the built in KAOSS PAD you can change the sound to drastically with a single fingertip, easily storing and reproducing temporal changes. Remember the wave table POSITION to make real time minute changes to the sound performance.

Use song mode to create a new track simply by arranging the order of existing patterns and muting and transposing individual tracks. You can bounce the finished product as an audio file, or export it to Ableton Live for further enhancement. You can also perform full-scale editing and mixing using audio files that are written independently for each part.

Each drum part features Groove function which can be used to change the rhythm and feel for each drum and percussion sound. Choose from 25 types of grooves then easily change the rhythm by adjusting the effect for each drum part, or create an organic drum track from the 16-step grid.