Trainspotting 2 All Shades of Awesome


The first Trainspotting film was THE film that broke Danny Boyle wide open into the mainstream. Trainspotting 2 looks to be all Shades of Awesome.

It launched the careers of Ewan MacGregor, (yes, I know that he starred in Shallow Grave, but who outside of the islands saw that film anyways?

The new trailer shows the familiar boys Renton, Spud, Sick Boy, and Begbie. It even starts out with the familiar hard techno riff Born Slippy by Underworld playing in the background and seems like the logical progression from the first film. If it is ten percent as good as the original, then it is worth more than a second glance. A number of the beats and the breaks from collections done here at Bunker 8 are featured, but despite that, you should give it a bit of a go. So what if it has been 20 years, we are all getting older, but this shit is still awesome!

Check it out below: