Korg Arp ODYSSEi For iOS

Korg Arp ODYSSEi For iOS suddenly arrived at our offices yesterday, and we could not be more excited. Needless to say, this app did not disappoint in the least.

As many of you know, we are huge fans of the Korg Gadget app for iOS. More than just about any other platform, Korg have the best EDM/Electronic Music Sketchpad app for iOS. For their last release, Korg released the Kamata, a very cheesy niche product. I might get shot at the wall for saying this, but I bought this add-in for Gadget, and I completely hate it. There was already a cheesy Kingston plugin, so I do not understand what the market was for Kamata. But maybe I am alone in this assessment.

So when this version of the Arp Odyssey came along as a plugin, we were excited but nervous. Would it be the same disappointment as past releases or would it rise above and redeem the last version?

No need to hold your breath, this is THE BEST synth on IOS right now. Wow, what an incredibly powerful plugin! I would love to have this plugin as a VST for Windows. Right after the first launch, you see the genius programming that when into it. Just the effect section alone in this plugin is worth the trip. Korg added six different types of effects available in the synth, all with lovely slider controls for each of the critical parameters.


There is a standalone version of the application to allow users to dig deep into all of the parameters plus a couple of KAOSS pads.

Basically, if you have been waiting for a terrific synth plugin for Gadget that surpasses everything else before it, try out ODYSSEi, you will not be disappointed!