Paul McCartney On his own Songwriting Credits


Sometimes, even if you are Paul McCartney, you don’t get the credit you deserve. Paul McCartney on his own songwriting credits, for example, is just one of those people. Many times people have looked at me and said, “you wrote all those songs, you should be happy about it…” When you are the creator, even one as great as Paul McCartney and credit where credit is due never came in the appropriate way, you cannot help but feel the way that he expresses it here.

“I think that’s true. When you sit down to write a song it does cross your mind. You go, “This isn’t going to be like ‘Eleanor Rigby’.” Bob Dylan was asked why didn’t he write another ‘Tambourine Man’ and he goes, “Because I’m not that guy any more.” I think that’s the truth. Some of it is also to do with the circumstances. Those songs were launched by The Beatles, the biggest band ever. If I had ‘Let it Be’ now, it just might not get as much attention. You might not be able to make a record as Beatle-y or as harmonious as the record we made. But it doesn’t stop me trying.”

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