Here’s Why I am Officially Quitting Apple Laptops

Here's Why I am Officially Quitting Apple Laptops

It it not often that a fanboy of this stature, Unbox Therapy, with his hugely influential user base, but Here’s Why I am Officially Quitting Apple Laptops is Unbox Therapy admitting that there are options out there and he is glad admits that it is time to quit Apple, but it refreshing for him to share his journey and what he has discovered in making the change from Apple To Windows.

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Lewis Hilsenteger made huge waves last year when a video of him bending a brand new iPhone 6 Plus with his bare hands went viral. Before “ Bendgate,” though, Hilsenteger was already making a name for himself with his hugely popular YouTube channel — Unbox Therapy . The man behind “bendgate” and Unbox Therapy tells us how he became such a YouTube sensation.

Hilsenteger started Unbox Therapy when he was working in a small computer repair shop. The shop focused solely on upgrades for Apple computers. Hilsenteger realized that the conversations he was having with people that came into the shop asking questions could be answered really well in videos and this got him started. Eventually, lost a business opportunity in the unboxing side of YouTube being a tech guru himself, he was already into buying new technological toys when he started doing unboxings, he originally was going out of pocket on everything and would simply film his reaction and give his two cents about the product. All of this out-of-pocket purchasing eventually paid off for him as he is now able to open cool new things every day for a living.


Lewis made a video which showed him bending an iPhone 6 with his hands using extreme force, to this day, his bend gate video is still his most popular video on the channel, featuring over 70 million views. This event gained national attention from various news outlets. Some had questioned Lewis’s video as being fake, since at about the 1:38 mark of the video, the iPhone’s clock reads “2:26” and then it reads “1:58” 40 seconds later. However, Hilsenteger blamed the apparent time-travel incident on its production, specifically the mix of angles that his video uses. To prove the video’s legitimacy, Lewis uploaded 3 minutes long, uncut version of the video.[1]

The media attention surrounding the controversy made Apple take action, and they strengthened the metal chassis for its iPhone 6S and future aluminum iPhones while providing replacements to those afflicted by the original’s poor design. [2][3]