Top 5 Best iPad Drum Machine Apps

Top 5 Best iPad Drum Machine Apps

The Top 5 Best iPad Drum Machine Apps. This article will give you a head start and for a few quarters, you can be writing beats in no time.

We are asked all the time about what applications and apps you would recommend for beat making. To be honest, with today’s technology we are spoiled for choice. There are just so many options to choose from, where do we begin?

Often times, the programmers here at Bunker 8 are away from their gear. Since we need to be making things all the time, don’t we all, we all have iPads and often start our beats there.

So, here is a video done by MF Productions Channel, that gives you a start in picking out a few choice beat making tools. Full production may be a bit of pipe dream on the iPad, but who cares? Having something like an iPad is a godsend for programmers on the go.

Here is our list, in no particular order:

  1. iMaschine 2
  2. Korg Gadget for iPad
  3. iMPC Pro
  4. DM1
  5. iElectribe

For a few demos and some others, check out the video below: