How to Write a Dubstep Track


Learning how to write a dubstep track is just like learning anything else in music production. You need three things, patience, perseverence, and persistent editing skills.

But of course, if all you needed were three things like that, then any old idiot could bash away and come up with something interesting. And then, there is creativity, skill and musicianship. Of course, one could say that it might be possible simply to “buy” those things.

he can tell you how to write a dubstep track I am sure…

Dubstep’s main characteristics lie in its rhythms, bass and dark sound, with heavy use of spatial atmospherics, low end frequencies and swing. Initially based around a garage influenced, two step kick and snare beat, the genre has evolved over the last few years, with an increasing number of tracks containing a half‑step rhythm. This has become the form of dubstep that most people will be familiar with, and it’s a characteristic that distinguishes it from most other dance music.

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Dubstep also has many similarities to drum & bass: both rely on the use of shuffled and syncopated hi hat patterns to give the beats movement, and heavy sub‑bass for warmth and depth. The tempo of dubstep is generally around the 140bpm mark, which provides potential for DJs to mix it with breakbeat, whilst an increasing number of drum & bass DJs are using dubstep in their sets too.

Although there are stylistic similarities between dubstep and drum & bass, the latter has suffered from stagnation in the past through the over-use of various techniques, samples and sounds. One of the most exciting elements of dubstep is the freedom to move away from a set song structure and the reliance on breaks and bass drops. Like most forms of electronic dance music, a lot of dubstep is created for the dancefloor and produced to be heard on a loud sound system. Because the music is typically driven by its sub‑bass, it can be hard to feel the full effect of dubstep on an inferior system such as computer speakers or earphones.

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Please don’t take the link in this article to be an endorsement, it is just bloody hilarious over simplification….and cheesy graphics.