John Oliver Is Outdoing Daily Show & Colbert Report

I have lately noticed something that I am sure many have on HBO…John Oliver Is Outdoing Daily Show & Colbert Report. The reasons are many, but I like where he is going.

There, I said it. John Oliver has proven that not only can he hold his own, he can make the genre of “fake” news evolve into the sweetest form of exposition laced with satire. To put it directly, he has evolved the format. ‘s article rings truer than any other review of this exciting show. John manages in 30 minutes to skewer and educate at the same time. To appear to be glib is the hook, humor is the tool, but truth and hard factual unbiased journalism is at the heart of this show. The politics are removed, the pundits are laid to rest, the accusations of supporting an agenda are all thrown aside because John Oliver is just like us, he is finding the kernel of truth in a sea of shit.

Here is an example of his writers, his researchers and finally his delivery about the impossibly awful practice of predatory lending happening in the United States and, to a very significant degree, here in Canada:

I haven’t watched an entire episode of The Daily Show or The Colbert Report in months. My disengagement coincided with the debut of Last Week Tonight With John Oliver, which ended its first season Sunday night. Oliver’s show gives me the same giddy charge that really great segments of The Daily Show and The Colbert Report once did. If you’re a fan of those Comedy Central time-slot-mates, you share their embedded video segments not just because they’re repeating your favorite bits of received political wisdom (which is a huge part of their appeal), but because there’s a high level of craft happening from one minute to the next: clever writing, acting, editing, and graphics. But there’s a big difference between those shows and Last Week: When I watch John Oliver, I feel as if some sort of progress is being made.