Spectrasonics Keyscape Review


Spectrasonics Keyscape Review. Eric Persing is an absolute legend in the world of sound design.  Keyscape is his gift and his passion in software form.

He was “instrumental”, pardon the pun in the sound design of countless numbers of instruments such as: D-50, D-70, JD-800/990, R8, S-series samplers, JV-880/1080/2080, the Sound Canvas, JP-8000/8080, MC-505/909, The V-Drums, XV-5080, Fantom series, the V-Synth, you cannot have played a Roland keyboard without hearing his work. You know by reading our blog that we adore Omnispere and Keyscape is just indescribably amazing.

We often complain about a lack of innovation now when it comes to hardware synthesis and the real reason for this is that no hardware synth can really complete with the massive computing power of a dedicated computer with tons of RAM, HDD space and processing power. Spectrasonics are simply world class. Eric’s passion for remarkable sound design and his team’s dedication to detail here is completely unmatched.

Watch this video when Eric brings in the world’s top keyboard players to play a controller with Keyscape and watch the expressions on their face as they totally own these instruments.