The Skrillex Haircut: Or what you should NEVER do

It is often been the case where people will look to “celebrities” as aspirational models. Take the Skrillex haircut, or what you should NEVER do. Skrillex, bless his heart, is not a fashion icon. He is a dance music icon. What he wears, how he dresses, his overall “sense” of fashion is non-existent. Yet, in the relentless pursuit to do things because celebrities do them, here is a gallery of images of celebrities and normal people who have fashioned themselves to have his wonderful “haircut”. Enjoy, but please do not do this.

Rihanna’s undercut hairstyle – otherwise known as the Skrillex – has been voted the worst hair trend of the 21st Century.

Is it really that bad?

The singer beat David Beckham’s cornrows and Kelly Osbourne’s Mohawk in the poll.

The survey by professional hair care retailer asked 1,000 respondents to name the worst hair trends of the last 13 years.

The ‘Skrillex’ trend, named after DJ Skrillex, consists of shaving one side of the head with the rest remaining long and has been made famous by celebs such as Rihanna, Cassie and Avril Lavigne.

One respondent commented: “What is with the fascination with the ‘Skrillex’ haircut? All these celebrities think they’re so cool, but you can just see kids following this stupid trend. How are they going to get jobs with a half shaven head?”

David Beckham’s cornrows narrowly missed out on being voted the worst locks, receiving 19% of the vote.

Another said: “David Beckham has had some brilliant hairstyles but those cornrows were a shocker. It looks like Victoria dared him to do it. All those people who copied him should be ashamed of themselves.”


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