Akai LPK25 Review

Need a tiny MIDI keyboard controller for working on music projects on the go? Read the Akai LPK25 Review and decide for yourself.


The Akai LPK25 ($129 list) features miniature keys, instead of regular, full-size synthesizer keys, but it’s very playable. And given the unit’s tiny size—perfect for a backpack or overnight or laptop bag—and ability to run on USB power, it may be all the keyboard you need. The only downside is the lack of a mod wheel controller of any kind, which with today’s virtual synthesizer plug-ins, often does much more than adding vibrato. If you can live without that, the LPK25 $69.00 at Amazon is an inexpensive, yet solid, choice.

Is this thing tiny? You bet, it is basically as small as it gets. I was debating on getting this vs. the Korg Nano Keys for bashing out quick keyboard/bass/drum lines on a set of keys that I could carry around in my laptop sack. Well, I am glad I did not opt for the Korg Nano Keys.

too small for large fingers...

The nano keys are just buttons, not really keys at all. Without any type of feedback coming from the controller itself, you cannot do chords. There are mini keys, then there are nano keys. Unless I suddenly am reduced to a hobbit sized stature, this would never work for me. Fun enough, the Akai LPK25 is exactly the same size as the nano, but it has actual mini keys. Mini keys I can handle. Down to how it works.

Good news, right out of the box this unit works, No drivers required. Just plug and play. Shows up as a MIDI device in your DAW and you are ready to go.

For me, my laptop bag is always with me. I keep my laptop loaded with a collection of VST synths, samples and VST samplers. I didn’t realize how much this would contribute to my on the go workflow, but it did!

Sometimes, the simplest tools can offer the greatest benefit. Just grab it, you won’t regret it!