The most expensive music format in the world is tape!

The most expensive music format in the world is tape!

Now that I have your attention. The most expensive music format tape!

Possibly yes, but probably no because you could theoretically reprint your entire collection of music on wax cylinders and push out the last Edition Music Jam.Still, using the most expensive music format tape should not always be your goal.

Still, a few analog-loving audiophiles knew that reel-to-reel had inherent advantages over the once-again-hot vinyl record. “A reel-to-reel tape is a direct copy of the original recording,” explained Chris Mara, whose business, Mara Machines, specializes in restoring professional decks manufactured by the brand MCI. “A record must be equalized and mastered differently because of the limitations of vinyl. The inner grooves of records don’t sound as good as the outer grooves, but tape is consistent from beginning to end. And tapes don’t suffer from ticks and pops.”

Refurbished R2Rs started reappearing at hi-fi shows about a decade ago, and German company Ballfinger is now offering a brand-new R2R deck, the Tonbandmaschine M 063. Another German company, Horch House, is launching a new deck under the venerable Revox name. You’ll even find companies offering prerecorded reel-to-reel tapes.

Seriously though, when are they going to let these older formats die already. Expensive does not always mean better. Sometimes expensive simply means, expense, full stop.

But if you are interested in creating some of the most “lush” and “expensive” jams in the world, then a copy of Mr Strange Mirror or maybe something a little faster like Accelerator 6 or even if you really want to slam some beats to a tropical tip, then POPtacular would probably work really well for you.