Cubase IC Pro Getting Started


Cubase IC Pro Getting Started. If you have never used Cubase with your iPad as a remote, I would recommend watching “Cubase IC Pro Getting Started.”

This software is awesome. But to see if it helps your workflow, I would recommend watching this video. We would encourage you to visit Steinberg to find out more about the product.

Connecting deeper to Cubase than any other app, Cubase iC Pro is the most advanced Cubase control app with a clear focus on recording, making it your very personal recording assistant. The project overview page and the mixer allow you to see your project as you know it from Cubase, while the key command page gives you a powerful tool to set up your most-used keyboard shortcuts and macros. Up to four dedicated cue mixes can be set up with Cubase iC Pro, giving you the freedom to adjust your own mix with a iPhone or iPad.

Cubase iC Pro features the project overview you know from Cubase. It allows you to see your Cubase project right on your iPhone and iPad. Cubase iC Pro always stays in sync with your Cubase project: if you add or remove tracks or markers in Cubase, the project page will automatically update the overview to reflect the changes.

Easily navigate through the project via one finger scrolling gesture

Time-based ruler

Zoom in and out with two finger pinch gesture

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