AltiSpace update One of the Best Reverb Plugins for iOS

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AltiSpace update – new presets and other tweaks added to iOS convolution reverb

Altispace Download from iTunes App StoreThe App Store is blessed with a few pretty good reverb apps and many are capable of producing results that are far superior to what their respective the price tags suggest ought to be possible. One of these is most certainly Igor Vasiliev amazing convolution-based reverb AltiSpace. That we have convolution reverbs under iOS is impressive enough….  when they are priced at just UK£6.99/US$6.99, it is…. well, close on unbelievable if you have hung around computer-based music technology for something longer than 10 years….

AltiSace has become a big favourite amongst the more long-standing musicians and, while Igor has not yet taken the app down the AU route (and that would be great to see), it has always played nicely with Audiobus and IAA. However, it is also some considerable time since the last update….

AltiSpace – classy convolution reverb at an App Store price.

Which means, of course, that it was great to see a favourite app get the update treatment a couple of days ago. AltiSpace 2.1 brings the usual round of very minor bugfixes but there are also optimisations under the hood for better performance. However, the most welcome element is that this update also applies some iOS10 compatibility changes (although it’s been working fine for me under iOS10 anyway). In addition, Igor has also added IRs based upon a further four new studio reverb devices (some 24 devices are now represented within the app) and over 70 new presets, bringing the total to over 700.

AltiSpace – Convolution Reverb

Altispace Download from iTunes App Store