First to criticise, last to line up. Yeah, everyone can let me have it for this one…Those who know me would say, Sigmund Droid, what did you expect. Did you really think you would get a real photo and for that matter a real bio. The question of course to both is yes, badly drawn, and yes, as close to reality as one could imagine.

Obviously, the question remains, why Sigmund Droid? Suprisingly enough, I would love to blame this one on cruel parents with a very bad sense of humor. But it is actually my nom de plume. Sigmund Freud was my favorite author, now I have angered the psychoanalysis community. Droid refers to the machine music sound which I have spent a lifetime to perfect. But it is best summed up as a combination of a deep understanding of human emotional triggers through sound. Plus the name just stuck. So much so in fact it has been co-opted by a band which formed a number of years ago based on a sample CD I had put, (you know who you are, fess up already).

If I knew where the whole musical experience started for me, I would seriously date myself and therefore appear as some of rising out of the ooze half automaton willing to flush toliets, record the sound and proudly show it in front of the class. Cassette recorders, as I found out, are not impervious to water. As long as I have been fascinated with sound, I have been fascinated with the way that modern composition was achieved. I was inextricably drawn to electronic composers because their do it themselves ethos was extremely attractive. I realized very early on that I knew the way that I wanted it to sound and trying to work that out in a band seemed like a terribly democratic watering down of good ideas.

I am definitely not against collaboration, and I have written some of my best stuff in collaboration. But my primary focus is on that collaboration with that most important of devices for me, the computer. I have owned a Commodore 64, Amiga, Vic 20, Atari 1040 ST, various Macs and PC’s and with them I have really grown into my own as a composer. Technology has been the great collaborator which has allowed me explore all of the facets of sound I could ever imagine, design great online experiences, really discover the human behind the machine. As Sigmund Droid, I have had the pleasure of working on some very successful creative projects with other musicians, film and television, design, and countless sound development projects.

The story is definitely not over, not even the first draft of the script; although I may have figured out a few of the plot points, there are some things I just don’t want real answers for. I am still deep enjoying all of the possibilities that working as a creative technologist allows, I can only dream about what is next, only wish that it will be as exciting as it has been so far. See, I went through the whole promise of offering up some biographical information to the reader. You made the committment, reached the end, and nothing. I hope between the lines of purple prose here you ultimately recognize that I was never going to tell you anyways.

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