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The deep soothing melodies of 'Downtempo Darkness 5' have returned once again with this most notable fifth Volume. Since the beginning, 'Downtempo Darkness' has become the standard of soundtrack Trip Hop flavours with surreal and deep arrangements bursting at the seams with slow-burning somberness and dejected slo-mo beat offerings. The 'Downtempo Darkness' series has become [...]


'Downtempo Darkness Halloween Bundle' contains all four Bunker 8 Downtempo Darkness libraries incorporated into one massively haunting library. Downtempo Darkness, 1,2,3, and the latest collection 4 are all represented here. This bundle is bursting with 17.60 GB of content and 3185 total files. Bunker 8 have bundled 'Downtempo Darkness 1, 2, 3 and 4' into [...]



Trip Hop Grit


Bunker 8 presents 'THG: Trip Hop Grit', a MASSIVE 4 GB collection of 12 PREMIUM Construction Kits that definitively encompass this slo-mo genre. With elements of hip-hop, jazz, & dub, this collection fuses the very latest production techniques. These beats were all programmed on ancient analogue gear, drawn deep from the primordial tarpit of the [...]


Dub Step

Grime Step 1


Bunker 8 returns to the fore with 'Grime Step 1', a tour de force of the UK hip hop grime scene. Combining the best elements of electro, together with the skitter skip rhythms of trashed out cyber hop, these beats are seriously off the proverbial. Bunker 8 returns to the fore with 'Grime Step 1', [...]